Discover Allicin Oil
An ancient, effective remedy with even more power
All Body Healing System that's proven to really Work!

Since ancient times, garlic has been used as a home-remedy for a wide range of ailments. It is especially valued for its antibacterial properties and has been proven to prevent and fight infections.

Garlic is a potent immune booster. When the immune system is strong, it has the ability to stave off colds, viruses, and the flu, including the Swine Flu and other seasonal illnesses.

The core of the garlic – the thin, central bulb known as Allicin – has more healing power than all surrounding bulbs put together. Allicin Oil is extracted from the central garlic bulb. Each precious drop of oil is a power-house of antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-yeast properties.

So how can Allicin Oil help you?
Allicin oil has been proven to:

•    Completely eliminate allergy symptoms

•    Lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

•    Fight diabetes

•    Prevent common colds, flu and viruses

•    To be effective against pinworms immediately

•    Fight bacterial infections

•    Fight Candida (yeast) infections –
            including oral Candida (thrush) in newborns

•    Fight athletes’ foot (fungus)

•    Get rid of parasites (intestinal worms)

•    Strengthen the immune system

•    And much more!

Allicin oil is not a new invention, or a newly marketed cure-all. It is merely an improvement of the ancient remedy that has been successfully used for centuries to boost health and treat disease.

Our strictly-kosher Allicin Oil is manufactured with extreme care so that no metal should contact the Allicin bulbs from when they’re harvested until the valuable oil is presented to you, as it is believed that metal reduces the effectiveness of garlic.

The precious oil that is produced has no aftertaste and does not cause bad breath.

Instructions of use

• Age 1 year a 1/4 dropper 2 times a day

• Age 1 to 5 a 1/3 dropper 3 times a day

• Age 5 to 10 a 1/3 dropper 4 times a day

• Age 10 and up a 1/2 dropper 4 times a day

for good results the bottle shall be finished 

From age 7 and up You may also upgrade the dosage as needed

To avoid cross-contamination between family members, it is advisable not to share droppers. (Purchase separate bottles for each person taking Allicin oil.)

Take Allicin oil – to your health!

Caution: People who are taking any type of medication should inform their doctor of their intention to take Allicin oil.